Life is a time live under eternity, it depends on own belief and choice.

Make life

life is serious. It is not a game nor an acting platform. Some people think life is a game so they try to compete and some think God is director and we are actor and he entertains as we go through different modes of life. Here is no extra lifeline as like game. Do it now whatever you want to do or never you can do it. Live now as you want or never. If you can’t make your desire life here you can’t make it after death also.

Get serious in life for it is an investment in itself. Life can be viewed in either ways: it is a moment to experience the beauty of all creation. Or it is the struggle to keep Death at a respectable distance. Whichever way you believe it is true (at least for you)!
Life is the best of times or the worst. Best for those who understand and live, worst for those who don’t understand and struggle. It is same for everyone but some are enjoying and some are struggling. And whether you struggle or enjoy it is your choice. Every human life has to go through struggle and comfort. Some says life demands ‘pay’ and ‘play’ – if you pay now you will play later or if you play now you will pay later; you have to pay once.

We’re here not to entertain, we’re here to impact and in the process of impacting the world we can find our true entertainment. Also we’re here to learn, we’re here to grow, we’re here to get the best also We are here to give our best.

In life it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, whether you succeed or fail, whether you can securely enter you future or you can’t; as long as you don’t give up.

Life depends on own choices; it depends on where you take it, it depends on how you operate it, it depends on what you feed it. Whatever you chose you will or you become the sum total of the choice you made every day. And keep it in mind that your ignorance is also a choice.

Its continuous learning and keep going that forms our life. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn. Don’t be lazy in learning. Don’t be casual in learning. For what you learn that you become. And It’s impossible to live beyond own knowledge. So learn…

Learn from experiences, learn from others,
Learn from books, learn from schools.
learn from nature, learn from culture,
Learn from environment, learn from parents,
Learn from past and learn from failure.
And Learn by studying, learn by observing, learn by practicing, learn by meditating, learn by hearing and learn by feelings.

Don’t be lazy in learning don’t be lazy in picking up the ideas that others have shared. Remember that the faster you learn faster you earn.

You got to keep going. Take action. Discipline yourself! Disciplines is the miracle process. It is the foundation of progress.

Should read, could read and don’t read is the wrong track
Should do, could do and don’t do also the wrong track.
Don’t let ignorance destroy your days, destroy your life and destroy your future. go back. And learn, plan, prepare and do what you can!
You shouldn’t think
I won’t do it or
I can’t do it
instead believe that
I can do it and
I will do it
Then ask
How do I do it and try
And see
you plan become your past.

If you’ll do what you can then life will give you what it can. If you give your best to your life , life will give you its best. If you care for life, it will care for you. Do not disregard nor neglect the smallest of disciplines which build foundation for your life.

Find your life’s purpose, have a vision, set your goals and act on your mission.

Find your own inspiration, you won’t expect outsiders to motivate you all the times. Be self-motivated, let your life and its purpose motivate you; once it starts motivating you, it won’t stop.

Be courageous, and have a strong conviction even to walk alone. You won’t get a partner for all the time. All the people you love and trust in one day will leave you and you also will one day. So learn to be whole in self or with God. Only God stands forever, He won’t leave you if you chose to be with Him.

Ask God that you can get wiser and stronger and better and be able to take care of your own responsibilities.

Law of use for every life

whatever we use it will increase in life but whatever we don’t use will lose. This is the law of use for every life. We often think if we live to save our energy it helps us most but in reality when we don’t work, our working ability refuses to stay along with us as we chose not to use it. The harder we push our life it become strong. Think about fastest runner, we may have greater running capacity then him but we never mind to take it out by daily practicing, on other hand that fastest runner took effort to dig out his inner ability and displayed before the world. It is same with living a fit and healthy life with lots of happiness, joy and peace those who are in this state (although not as we think) they have chose to use this things in their day to day life. When one chose to be happy, happiness also chose him/her, and in this collaboration happiness grow within that particular person and so he/she become even more happier. Therefore, this law is very true for our life; either we use or lose.

what if you think everything you do in life is an investment in life?

Life is an investment in itself

whatever we do in life is in an investment to life because fruit does not come without a tree and tree must be planted and cared. Our life is like that tree where we want fruit of our wants (sometimes our heart’s wants); happiness, love, comfort, abundance, harmony and so on. And so whatever we do in our every day’s life is toward the fulfillment of these things, however, we often misunderstand this and do whatever pleases us undermining long run consequence of our daily activity. If we study today tomorrow we will be intellect, if we eat (healthy food) today tomorrow we will be healthy, if we exercise today tomorrow we will get good body structure means whatever we do today has some consequence tomorrow depending on the thing we are doing or investing. in other word whatever we invest in life it will multiply and return to us, good and bad is remain in our choice of investment.

Believe yourself not others

learn from others but obey only your heart’s intuition because it’s you who know you, no one else other than you know you better than you. Our culture taught us to live our lives on the opinion of others. At first it allows others to define you and than it told you to believe that opinion without questioning and later you live what you believe, at the end you remain unsatisfied with your life. You regret all through your life as you live out someone else’s definition of life. we have to keep in mind that their opinion is not wrong but when we apply then in our lives it becomes wrong for every opinion arises after some kinds of experience. Experiences are not same for everyone because there are time gap, language gap, cultural gap, circumstances gap, people group gap, perception gap, scientific gap, technological gap and many other gaps, any of these gap create different experience which lead to a specific conclusion- which may not be true for everyone. So, believe yourself not others when it comes to life, however, never stop to learn from others, they are a good resource of something that you don’t know.